Eric’s Potatoes and Eggs

1/2 bag frozen potato fries
2 Tbsp minced garlic
2 Tbsp chunkey onion slices
4 eggs
salt, pepper

Cut or break the fries into 2″ sections and layer on a large oval plate, one layer thick. Use a very large pan and lots of oil. Get the pan hot and then brown the onions til almost burnt. In the meantime, microwave the potatoes for 1:30 on half power so they are defrosted but still firm, add to the onion. When one side of the fries are browned, turn over uniformly and reduce the heat to about 3/4 hot. Add the garlic when the potatoes are near to fully cooked. You may need to add more oil. Remove the cooked potatoes from the pan, divide in two sections and place each half in a bowl.
In a separate pan, fry the eggs to the desired doneness and place two each on top of the potato bowls.

Serves 2

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