The Pioneer Woman cooks Mac & Cheese

elbow macaroni
whole milk
dry mustard
salt & pepper
1 egg
shredded cheddar cheese
cayenne, paprika & thyme
breadcrumbs (optional)

Set macaroni to boiling & cooking. Drain when tender.

Butter the dish. Make the roux*: in a dutch oven, melt butter, add whole milk. Cook for 3-4 minutes, whisking constantly. Add dry mustard when it’s bubbling, along with salt & pepper. Add a ladle’s worth of roux to 1 beaten egg, whisking in after it’s cooled a bit. Add that mix to the main pot of roux. Add shredded cheddar cheese (that you’ve grated yourself) to the mix when it’s at its hottest, reserving some for the topping. Add seasoning (Rae uses cayenne, paprika & thyme). Adjust seasonings. Add hot, drained macaroni & mix. Add to buttered pan, top with shredded cheddar, perhaps some breadcrumbs. Eat it all.

*roux = sauce

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